.45 ACP / 10mm Black Oxide

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  • Fits all 1911 Autos – 45 ACP / 10mm & .38 Super / 9mm
  • Drop in fitup, no gunsmithing skills required
  • 100% CNC Machined here in the United States
  • Ergonomic design eliminating seconds from MAG changes
  • Crafted from carbon or stainless steel
  • Comes in Black Oxide Finish or Stainless
  • Heat Treated for Maximum Durability
  • Designed for the Left or Right Handed Shooter
  • Wide Finger Pad w/ Seriations
  • Offset surface at pin to prevent scratching

    All Combat Slide Stops will fit the 1911 Auto frames listed below:

  • Officer: 3” to 3.5” slide and Officer Frame
  • Concealed Carry Officer: 4.25” slide and Officer Frame
  • Commander: 4” to 4.25” slide and Full Size Frame
  • Government: 5” slide and full size frame
  • Long Slide: 6” slide and full size frame


The Combat Slide Stop is much different than the First Gen and the Extended Slide Stop. Our version focuses on time, removing steps from the current process and something both right and left handers can use when changing a magazine.

Simply due to the location of the Combat Slide Stop release, you can eliminate steps and shave off seconds when getting back to fire.

Whether you are shooting for fun or are defending your home, remember the AJ’s Combat Slide Stop when seconds count.

Additional information

Weight 0.0255146 kg
Dimensions 10.4775 × 4.445 × 2.8575 cm